Durham Sidecar

This is our take on a classic brandy cocktail that dates back to the first world war. The fresh citrus flavours contrast the complex spicy notes of our gin, making this an elegant and refreshing aperitif, to be savoured slowly.

You can sweeten this cocktail as much as you like with sugar syrup, or enjoy it without to really showcase the bracing citrus and pink pepper flavours. Cheers!

-35ml Durham Gin,
-35ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
-35ml Cointreau
-Sugar syrup to sweeten (if desired)
-Lemon twist

-Shake the liquid ingredients on ice
-Double strain into cold martini glass
-Express the lemon peel*, garnish on the edge of your glass and enjoy!

*Give your lemon peel a good twist before putting it in the glass. This expresses the fragrant oils and gives your drink an extra burst of citrus.