Cranberry Mule

Bitter-sweet and fruity with a fiery kick.

A delicious and exciting take on a classic that is perfect to enjoy with someone special!
Originally devised by an American businessman in the 1940’s, the popularity of the Moscow Mule has ebbed and flowed. It is traditionally served in a copper mug, but we love the pink colour of this cocktail, so we suggest using a tumbler instead.

For us, it’s one of our go to drinks to showcase our vodka’s smooth body and exceedingly long, clean finish. The contrast of tangy lime and fiery ginger with our smooth and naturally sweet vodka is refreshing and a very balanced, and the cranberry juice twist gives the drink it’s lovely colour and adds to it’s bitter-sweet charm.

-50ml Durham Vodka
-25ml cranberry juice
-Ginger beer
-1 lime cut into wedges
-Cranberries (fresh or frozen)

-Squeeze half of the lime into the glass
-Fill the glass with plenty of ice
-Add the Durham Vodka and cranberry juice
-Top up with ginger beer
-Garnish with lime wedges and cranberries

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