Moscow Mule

One of our favourite ways to drink our vodka is in a Moscow Mule. Our smooth and slightly sweet vodka gives a thick body and warmth to the zingy mix of ginger and lime. As this is such a simple recipe, it relies on using the highest quality ingredients. In addition to our Durham Vodka, proper natural ginger beer, and plenty of fresh lime is essential.

50ml Durham Vodka
Good quality ginger beer (we like to use Fentimans Ginger Beer for an authentic fiery kick)
1 Lime

-Squeeze half of the lime into the glass (or a mule mug if you have one!!)
-Muddle the lime half in the bottom of the mug to get the remaining juices out
-Fill the glass with plenty of ice
-Add the Durham Vodka
-Top up with ginger beer
-Garnish with lime wedges

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