Our Process

We begin by hand-crushing Juniper berries, an essential component of any gin. These are added among other robust botanicals, including Angelica and Pink Peppercorn, which are placed within a mixture of locally sourced Durham spring water and pure grain spirit, and left to infuse overnight in the still. The next morning a second batch of botanicals is added and as the still is heated, the vapour rises through a copper tube called a Lyne Arm. Mounted on the Lyne Arm is the Gin Basket which contains the 3rd and final set of lighter, more delicate botanicals.

We gather the tails of the Gin, and we slow filter it through a custom built filtration column based on the Lincoln County Column that Jack Daniels use. It takes up to 2 weeks to filter the Vodka through the column, which means that we can only make a very small amount of it. When we are ready we change the Lyne Arm of the Still over, and restill the filtrate. We do another heads and tails cut, even more restrictive than when we make Gin. After all of this process we get a few hundred bottles of Vodka a month.