Strawberry and Pink Pepper Liqueur

Spring is here and with Summer fast approaching, we are proud to announce the arrival of a new product for 2017, our Strawberry & Pink Pepper Liqueur!

We have grown to love making cocktails with Durham Gin and strawberries, and this has inspired us to make a new product to combine these flavours.

Our delicious new liqueur combines fresh pressed strawberry juice with our signature Durham Gin, infused with added pink pepper for extra warmth. The result is a delicious, all natural, fruity liqueur with a long warm finish. Best of all, it is handmade in Durham Distillery, and we are proud to say that it contains no artificial colours or flavours!

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Strawberry with subtle notes of elderflower and celery seed
Palate: Fresh strawberry flavours accompanied by warming Durham Gin notes
Finish: Long, warm finish with subtle notes of pink pepper

For our new, Strawberry and Pink Pepper cocktail of the month and a few other ideas for how to enjoy our new liqueur, watch out for updates on the cocktail section of the website.

Strawberry and Pink Pepper Liqueur is now available to purchase in our online store, or many of the top retailers that supply our Durham Gin and Durham Vodka!

Durham Distillery