Local Botanicals

Over the course of the last year we have been working with local growers to develop locally sourced Botanicals, in a long term commitment to try and grow as much locally as we can. Realistically we might never become self sufficient in pink pepper, but over several years we hope to grow as much in the City as we can.  Partly this is about reducing food miles (Gin Miles?) but also about making sure that the money we spend through the supply chain stays in the local area. One of the growers we work with are a local organic collective called Abundant Earth.   They grow some of the fruit for our summer fruit cup, and also have been growing Angelica for us (they also run a really great Veg Bag scheme if you live in Durham).  They have just harvested our first crop of local Angelica, which is now drying off so we can use it in our Gin.    We thought you might like to see our pal Wilf harvesting Angelica!


IMG_4283 IMG_4286IMG_4290IMG_4276