Meet our new Distiller

We are sad to say that David, who has been our distiller since we started, had left us to join Spencerfield in Edinburgh.   I am sure that he will have lots of fun up there! We are really pleased to announce that Jessica Tomlinson has joined us as his replacement!

Jessica is also a graduate of the MSc in Brewing and Distilling at Heriot Watt, and she also has a Masters Degree in Chemistry.   Jessica is originally from Hexham and has been working as a Peptide Chemist in Billingham, only to discover the fantastic opportunity of mixing her scientific passion with her love of gin.

There are very few female distillers in the country, and we think that Jess is the youngest (and the best!).     She has featured in some of the local press, and you can read more about her here:

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