Durham Whisky

There are literally thousands of whiskies out there, many produced bymour neighbours over the border. So it is important to be different and stand out from the crowd. County Durham is a place with real independence of spirit, it is this individuality that we wish to reflect in our single malt whisky. Our single malt will be the first produced in the North East, something of which we’re extremely proud.

Of course, we will need to be patient to discover precisely the kind of whisky we produce. By law, whisky isn’t whisky until 3 years and a day has elapsed. Prior to this, it is merely a spirit. However, we fully expect it to fulfil our vision for our showcase single malt. Which is to broaden the appeal and reach of our whisky. Making it more accessible to a wider market; a wider more youthful, contemporary taste. You’ll find our single malt will be lighter, softer, and smoother, less smokey, and less peaty than many whiskies. Edging nearer to the Scandinavian, Japanese flavour profiles than Scotch whisky or Irish whiskey.

Coming Soon
  • join us in making history

  • This is your chance to be part of Durham City's first ever single Malt whisky. It has been a long time coming, disrupted by Covid, but this year we will be making a single malt Whisky.

    It will be ready to drink in 3 years, or you can join together and lay down a cask and keep it for as long as you like!

    The founders casks will be kept at the distillery so you can see your batch mature.   

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