Durham Gin

Durham Gin


A unique recipe of ten botanicals including Juniper, Celery Seed, Elderflower, Pink Peppercorns, with spring water and pure grain spirit. 

40% ABV

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First, and most importantly, the botanicals.

We use 10 different botanicals, including some traditional flavours like Juniper and angelica, as well as some unique ones like pink peppercorns and celery seed. Secondly, spring water, which is sourced from a natural spring near Durham City.  The third and final component is pure grain spirit.

Our Distinctive Taste:

Spicy - Pink Peppercorn delivers a warm spice

Savoury - Celery seed adds a distinctive savoury character

Sweet - Elderflower and Angelica provide light floral top notes

Mix - As a G&T with a high quality tonic like Fentimans or Fever Tree mixed roughly 3 Tonic to 1 Gin. We love it in the summertime with strawberries, and in the winter with frozen black grapes as an alternative to ice cubes.

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